in which I explain my affection for Hamilton and why the Revolution holds a special place in my heart.

The world knows about Hamilton, An American Musical. And about how Lin Manuel Miranda started working on it 6 years ago and got the idea after beginning to read Hamilton by Chernow. I love that time in History --The men who signed the Declaration were signing their own death warrents, willing to die for a belief in an idea, for a possibility that this thing called independence could work. For more than the last 200 years we have been trying. Back when we were all fed up with govenment--(actually when haven't we been fed up with government?)--a marvelous TV show came on called The West Wing. I am also a fan of TWW. In fact a few months ago I decided my write in candidate should be Josiah Bartlett. I believe that during this particularly politically devisive time we have found Hamilton to be our unifying thing. Back in the beginning, our beginning as a country, we were led by truly intelligent, well educated and moral people. Yes, they were mostly men but there were a number of women who's hands were found guiding ideas from time to time. One only needs to look at the Adams letters to see a marriage of educated equals.  The women behind the men are of much interest.

So back to the Revolution. A number of years ago--1985 to be exact--I was drifting off to sleep when I saw in my head what I thought would be the opening action of a book. It turns out to come later now in the story. It spurred off my Revolutionary war novel. I worked on it and two others, had two kids, two dogs and a marriage(all of which are still present and accounted for except the first of the two dogs) and ultimately set the book aside when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 09. I had researched and was diligently working on that book plus another one when I was diagnosed and all came to a full stop. I wrote a blog and worked on non-fiction my mind too preoccupied with living to keep two different fictional worlds going.

But today is today--and here I find myself reenthused by Hamilton, enthused by my daughter's awesome grade in Gov due to the soundtrack and wanting to get these two NF books out and done so I can reintroduce myself to the characters in my book and get excited again about what it took to begin from scratch. I know I have to go back to the 197 pages I have wrtten and outline them and write character descriptions and start my research again. I have forgotten much I learned back then. It is all attainable in the research materials I have. So there it is waiting for me just to the left of my computer.

We, my daughter and I, got to see Hamilton two weeks ago. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. I am blessed I got a chance to see the show but I understand they are filming it so people everywhere will be able to see it. I found it fascinating that the show is even better than the soundtrack album as the company has found more nuances in performing and brings even more passion to the show. I can't wait to see the tape they are making and maybe even get to see the show when it comes to California next year.

I bought the #Hamiltome--I find it fascinating to read the side notes and yes I did notice the homage to various musicals that were written in. South Pacific being one of my all time favorites and one I did in high school, there is no getting past me the ideas behind the song, Carefully Taught. As a parent we see in other children the lessons of their parents and in our own children the lessons we have taught them.

I have no idea when my Revolutionary War book will come out. I only know that it will but I am grateful to the enthusiasm renewed by the exceptional work of Lin Manuel Miranda and his team.