#quote of the day Doing #yoga and writing my book

Break from#socialmedia break from #blogging and make the #change you need.. I need to take a social media break-I need to concentrate until the work is done so I can publish this first piece in the new year. I was astounded when my dog groomer said--"see you in the new year!" It is upon us along with my oldest turning 18 and college auditions around the corner--she is the 4th generation actress in our family. My youngest and I are going shopping today so she can get material to sew. I am making jewelry and in between trying to finish. So I am dropping off the social media and only looking in the evening. Like it's people magazine and an entertainment--I promise though when this is polished and ready I will be all over the place promoting it.--I will post in the evenings and maybe a bit early morning but the rest is my time to create!
Merry Happy and all the rest!