6 Years later and a perfectly normal day--#BreastCancer #Survivor speaking out about the gift of #normal

So yesterday I hit another milestone--6 years ago I had life saving surgery and began my journey as a breast cancer survivor and if you have read my blog you know how passive I think that sounds. I had to fight for every letter of that word--I am not passive and I was not passive!
I thought I would just get up and go to yoga and the gym and have a me day--that was the idea a month before. As the day approached I saw that I would be driving my older daughter to school, going to physical therapy and then taking her to an appointment in town. Originally that was a dr's appt that then got changed due to an audition that came up for her. Then I would be picking up my youngest's at her tutor and heading home to eat dinner and drive some girls to the homecoming game. Then instead of picking my oldest up at 1:45 I was picking her up at 12:45 and really had no time for myself to meditate or do yoga or go to the spa. There we go--October 9 has now become just another day and I couldn't be happier.

Back when I was in treatment I would hear my kids in the kitchen with their dad or coming in the door after school or arguing or needing help with their work and sometime I was too exhausted to help and I would listen and think, "They will be fine." But I didn't want to miss any of it. Honestly I am not a saint. Sometimes, like any mom, I get pulled at or they argue or I get tired and I dream of alone time. Yesterday no one remembered the date. I cannot tell you how happy I am that no one remembered the date. I find great peace in that. Cancer will never be far from my thoughts--I have to go to the dr every 6 months still --and I have these unusual breasts and now tattoos that remind me but not as much as they used too. My nails are growing --my hair is curly again --I have more energy. But the fact that my family didn't remember is terrific. I want them to remember my birthday, mother's day and other important dates but not the ones that were scary for all of us. I want them to laugh and remember being in Doolin where we couldn't see our hands in front of our faces for the fog. I want them to remember skiing and swimming with dolphins and traveling to England. I want them to remember the first day of school and the last. I want them to remember those things--first dates, first kisses, but not first surgery, first chemo. Those memories are for me.

So here is my list this October--
Do your breast exam--every month --set up a reminder on your phone
Get your mammogram if you are old enough or have a family history
Play with your kids
Date your husband
Take a breath
Make a donation if you want. Check the charities out though--really check them out.
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If you see a bald woman
--smile don't stare, hold a door, help them out...they are fighting a battle and they are to be admired.

back in the bald days

several years ago LA Revlon RunWalk

Last June...#meditating on #yoga retreat with Charlie

Christmas in Colorado 2014