Sugar update

Thought I would do a sugar free update--so since  May 12-- I have been primarily sugar free, grain free, --potato free--anything that turns into sugar has been a no no. This was not done for weight loss but for lowering my sugar read which was slightly elevated. Since then I have cheated or eaten what was available  very rarely. When I flew home from Montana I had to grab a kind bar--5 grams sugar and had  couple when I was first home and  now only whole fruit and veg and protein and , 100% or 99% chocolate--I have lost weight but it took 4 weeks for it to begin to show--I have lost about a pound a week (though it all showed up during week 4) That is the side effect--the other effects--my nails are growing for the first time in my life and certainly since chemo- I also am healthy and energetic though I have to pay attention as I get tired when dehydrated or hungry as  I no longer have the quick energy fix of sugar--don't see myself going back at all. I am quite excited by the new turn of events--

then I got this wicked sore throat and yes I have indulged in fizzy drinks and lozenges--hopefully that will end tomorrow with the sore throat part but all in all I am hanging in there--almost three months of no sugar or way way way less sugar. I still need to reboot periodically and recommit. The weight is still off and hopefully a bit more will follow.