yep I have stuck it out! 14 days---Sugar Free Me!

So Sunday I was reading aloud to my daughter--she has a concussion and needed to learn some material--a few cough drops--today a few more--but all in all low to no sugar for 14 days-Sticking with it to see how my blood sugar reading changes--next week the tough time will start--I will be traveling to Montana for the Cowgirls Vs. Cancer retreat with Big Sky Yoga. I am really looking forward to it. I can't wait and I am already almost packed--I know what I am taking and I am ready to meet the other women on the trip.

After that I go to visit a friend in another town for two days then back home. The summer will begin in earnest at that point. If I can survive the traveling and the eating out I will be very proud. Celebrations are meaning something other than sweet treats to me.
Instead, of course, my beautiful Michel Cluizel 99% which I received in time to pack in my carryon...if it makes it that long. This package is is empty now. Whoops! Lucky  for me I bought another bar. Since I don't drink, I don't have sugar, gluten or dairy I have CHOCOLATE!!!

I don't think this is for everyone. It is for me. The dairy and gluten I had to give up to heal my gut after chemo. The sugar, well you know now why. Alcohol just never did anything really good for me and I could take it or leave it so I left it 26 years ago. 

I read fashion blogs so part of me is interested in telling you how and what I pack for this trip...I love to plan packing. It is part of the thrill of traveling for me. I imagine every day and what I will need and, most importantly, what I can live without. I pack lightly usually. The wrench comes when there is one thing I will have to do requiring one outfit that I can't use for anything else. Like a party in NYC or a wedding or??? This time it is all about comfort, yoga, meditation and horses. 
Keep ya posted!