The Get In Touch Foundation Event...update!

A new day is dawning and this is the first moment I have had to write something for me and my bloggers. Over the weekend I was writing the script --intros to honorees and emails--I have lost track but I started averaging between 50-100 a day a week ago. Our first run at table seating was yesterday and today it seems I have some time to myself. Wow! Wonder how long that will last.I have a pile of bills and correspondence on my desk to get to --Not to mention a long lost walk on the beach and a yoga session. I am free until 10:30 then I have one phone call about the event.

Somehow I have ended up through the hard work of my co-chairs and many others with the type of event I thought I would be invited to as an actress--instead I am in charge and happy to be a writer and mom and wife.

We will have a full house, great music and will raise money for GIT-I am so grateful to everyone who has helped and will help. Tweeting about  the event from the guests helps get the word out that we exist. We are getting interest from press and guests that want to come and I can't wait to hear what has happened overnight. 

I will do a full wrap up when I have pictures for you. We are headed into the fun part. Tomorrow I take my youngest to get her hair done and we will get our nails done too. 

I ran to a store in NYC right before I left for the airport and found a white dress--seems much more appropriate than grey --it will be in the low 80's on Thursday--

Enjoy your beautiful day!