Take the step off the safe place---@guess watches and @getintouch #amwriting

Something i wrote on December 31, 2014...

I sit here on the eve of Jan 1 2015. I have been away from my writing for a bit. Merely posting about things done while skiing in Colorado on Twitter and instagram and facebook. I am now pondering my future plans--
I  hit the ground running on Jan 5----There is much to do for our March event and not much time to do it in.
I also have two girls who need me still as a mom. Thank goodness otherwise I would go into mourning right now.
And that book. Quite honestly I can't wait to go back to working on it.

The worst things to happen to my writing schedule---Deciding to make Christmas presents for my friends and family(the girls and women)

Two of the he bracelets I made to go with the Guess Get In Touch watches my mother was giving ---White wood with pave beads in rose gold. 

Started to read the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon back in October. I can't put them down--I need to see what happens--it makes me hungry to get back to my own historical novel writing.

So Christmas present making is done---but those books! Kindle and instant access to books is a fabulous and frightening thing. I have no need to even move from my position to buy the next and the next. Perhaps this is why I only saw my dad reading fiction while on trips--mysteries usually and some sci fi. He might read fiction to Beau an dI at the breakfast table but not on  his own. I may need to limit myself--I just keep thinking I will catch up top the end of the series and then be waiting for the next--of course then I will be reading a few other authors I enjoy who's books are patiently waiting.
Day one walk with my dog in Colorado--snowing and beautiful.

Christopher bought me the hat--haven't had enough hair to wear it until now(it fell down over my face when my hair was short to non existent)

generally speaking I don't take too many "Top of the Mountain" pics--too busy skiing! I took one on the last day with my new goggles-For years I had skied with Goggles that weren't made by Giro who makes my helmet which meant I had a line between my goggles and helmet that got really cold as it was completely unprotected. This year I bought Giro goggles and they are pink! 

late afternoon on the way home from skiing

In the car on the way to ski on the last day---I wanted to take the picture when it said 0 but I wasn't fast enough!

I can't wait to go back. I have two hobbies that make the world go silent and require complete concentration--skiing and snorkeling. Hope we can ski more this season but either way the days on the slopes were perfect.

This is my plan for the new year--no fear--just put my head down and go. When I ski sometimes I doubt myself and my ability--I will find myself at the top of a run and wonder just what I am seeing ahead. Then I remember the amazing people that ski with the Adaptive Sports program and I think---"Some of the AS skiers  can't see the run and they still ski --so stop looking at where you are going and just go." These skiers make me brave. Take the step off of the safe place and see what lies ahead confident in your abilities to meet each challenge as you come to it. Don't anticipate--it's a great way to ruin the present.