Decision made. Future seen. Bye bye Bottle of #Tamoxifen

I have been exploring options for awhile now. Last April we sent a piece of my tumor for a further test. Since going on Tamoxifen I have been dealing with little in the way of side effects but...I have had several biopsies, an ultrasound scan every 6 months and the scare a year ago when we thought I was having a hysterectomy. It is possible that the thickening of my uterine lining and cysts on my ovaries happen due to the tamoxifen. Do you see the white and rose gold bracelet--the letter and number are b9 --as I said to  my husband after the first cervical biopsy that they are my favorite letter and number. He had a bracelet made so I see everyday what is true. His love and my b9 state. (and yes that is the guess GIT watch along with several bracelets I made to go with it.

In the past 5 years there have been many advances and one is a test which can determine some idea about long term outcome as in a ten year view.

So the test was done and it seems with my particular tumor makeup I will get very little if no advantage to staying on tamoxifen past 5 years. I may get a break though if the tamoxifen has been the cause of my endometrial thickening and the cysts that appear from time to time and then disappear. That would be great as it would mean I could relax a bit. Rather than wondering every six months if I would be having a hysterectomy or something worse.

So Monday was my last Tamoxifen--for me it is a rite of passage. It means I am a bit further away from diagnosis. It means they are willing for me to move ahead in my survivorship and it means one less drug in my body!

I have no idea what the changes will be. I have no idea what physical issues I have that are from tamoxifen as I began it one month after chemo ---I am happy but I don't think anyone but a cancer survivor gets the incredible nature of this step. No even sure I do.

It has changed me. I no longer feel like I am waiting for something. Which has recharged my decision to get fit stay fit and drop sugar. One secret to that 100% dark chocolate--no sugar and it helps with the craving. Honestly after you really enjoy the taste you actually feel that anything less is too sweet. Help me please!

Trying a new thing where my book is concerned...Writing it! No really my kids have kept me busy but today I have time to do it. So of course everything got in the way--I did manage to write and do a bunch of work for the event yesterday.
I got the pink wrap after my blood work on Tuesday. I have a terrific oncologist and her office has the most amazing phlebotomists. I had to have a number of vials drawn due to my normal tests, one ordered by my new internist, and the number ordered by my D.O.M. Dr. Nalini Chilkov--if you haven't checked her out --give her a google. 

That's the big news--will keep you posted!