Saturday --let's go shopping! 31 Days of #DaisyWheel

This is the table setting right before everyone came in to the event last March. Flowers by Mark's Garden.
So I am trying not to shop and while I fell off the wagon buying some new yoga clothes I am now firmly back with the reins in my hands. I have one possible dress for the event next spring but I am still browsing--also I have a lesson in DVF wrap dresses for you!

I had never bought a wrap dress from any designer. I am not the classic figure for them or so I thought. The truth is most wrap designers don't account for a difference in bust size. There was never enough material to cover "the girls" so I gave up. Until I was looking for something to wear to the 2013 Connecticut event. I needed something that would pop out of my suitcase ready to go as I was flying in late the night before. I went to my handy neighborhood Nordstrom and they brought out pink dresses for me. I called ahead and they kindly searched. If you are ever in need of a specific something, their free of charge personal shoppers are terrific. The last thing I tried on was a DVF wrap dress.
Cute pattern, right? I love that dress. What I had to do to accommodate my adult female size ten, buy a twelve for the bust and take it in body, was buy a 14. THey always say buy for the biggest part of you but really? A size what? But I did and then I bought another one in plain black. Then I saw a maxi wrap dress and I wanted to try it on so I stopped at the DVF store on Melrose in LA. The black one I bought on sale. The pink and black one I bought for the event. I found a beautiful long black and white chain link pattern and tried it on. The girl in the store asked if she could "wrap me."  I said yes and that is when I found the secret to the dresses. It's in the wrap. If you are thinking of buying one--even if you have to wait for the sale like I did--go try it on at a boutique and let them wrap you. And don't be afraid to go up a size or two if you need to to have enough fabric to wrap you well. No one knows what size you are wearing when you are dressed!

Now I am still hunting in case I find a pink dress for the spring event. I don't think I would choose a wrap dress for that though I want something I pull over my head and never notice until I take it off and I have to admit I do have to check myself periodically in a wrap dress. Basically a bag would work but would be a little, "rustic" for the occasion. 

Have you checked your breasts? Have you shared the information about Get In Touch with a friend or family member? Please do--you just might save a life! 
Banish fear. Save a life.