Opening the mind-- #31 days of the DaisyWheel

I spent two days in the environs of a Hay House event. I wanted to see a few people and I stumbled upon more that I am thrilled I learned about and a couple that I am not interested in.  My Dad said in The Warrior's Path, "...we must read, not only for what we read but for what it makes us think." So for the last two days I have been listening to writers speak. I have been listening to healers speak realizing as I always have known that the power of the mind can do amazing things. We have within us the power to heal we simply need to believe in it.
The first day was a writer's workshop in publishing--I know... I know. I know a great deal about publishing but what I know I have learned as Louis' Daughter and not as a writer in my own right and not as an unknown writer--anonymous to the room. So I listened and thought that I didn't need to take a course in publishing either in self publishing or in big company publishing. I did realize the importance to the majors of never taking a risk and how most agents and publishers want  a sure thing. This translates as a writer with a following already. How do you get a following? By publishing or speaking. How do you get published or get speaking engagements? By being known. And around and around--it is no different than being an actor--no agent with out a job no job without an agent.

That settled I went to see Wayne Dyer. I had always known his name. The first time I heard him speak I was in my mom's bed recovering from my double mastectomy and she said--"We should watch him." Flipping channels stopped and we listened. I don't remember anything he said that night only the deep understanding that I should learn more about him.

I grew up knowing Dr William Hornaday. He was the first minister chosen by Ernest Holmes for the Church of Religious Science and I miss him. I miss that I could go hear him say, "Good Morning," on a Sunday morning and it became good right there in that instant.  His teachings share a common idea and belief.  They must have known each other. Ideas like "You can change your thoughts and change your life. You can be extraordinary. You can heal yourself.  We are all part of God." It was wonderful to hear Dr Dyer speak. But a poem of Dad's kept running through my head--a line actually- He was talking about how we all have God inside us and that we are all god-- that Jesus --when accused of naming himself God said but we all have God inside us.   I kept thinking of the narrowness of minds --the idea of my way is the only way to God--I heard this poem Dad wrote inside my head called "I came to Create." There is a line that says, "I came to walk with Gods and found them men." I always thought that line was Jesus's point of view--He came to teach to give ideas and help and love freely and he must have wondered why people couldn't just accept that. Except that he "came to walk with Gods and found them men."  How sad that must have been. Or how magnificent as it allowed the possibility of growth and change. Dr. Dyer spoke for 3 hours and spoke about his own constant evolving faith. He has never stopped learning and growing which I think is the way to true happiness. It is, of course, the way I was raised. Dad placed a high value on learning and growing and changing and always having something new to excite you and something new to talk about.

Saturday was spent in the presence of a few interesting people. One, the last one, was a man who did a ton of research into the actual chemical and physical and energetic changes that come over the mind from mediation. So yes, I am learning as always, I must meditate on a regular basis. I will begin with more regularity.

Dr Dyer also gave me a wonderful idea which is for the last five minutes before I fall asleep to have affirmations of the life I want running through my head. Such a simple task, "I am a happy loving supportive wife. I am a happy loving supportive mother." I swear I woke up the next morning in just that state.
That is my new gift to myself and my family--I am a great mom and wife--but I need more patience so I will manifest it in my thoughts.

The gift of the writer's seminar was to contemplate what you absolutely cannot write about. That was an interesting thing to think of  and besides obvious ones like sex and money(really not going there it's no ones business) I found I couldn't write about my kids. So now of course I must. I am writing something but for them only--before this I couldn't write about them for it was too painful. My fear held me back. I was so scared for that I would die and leave them. Long ago I learned to never let anyone walk through my life without knowing if they affected me in a positive way. I like to honor people for how they improve the space I am in.  I have yet to do that for my kids in a way that they can take with them forever and always know that their mom respects them and  honors them completely so I started yesterday.