My Dog 31 Days of #Daisy Wheel

That's my dog. My stalwart companion for 8 years now. He honestly deserves more praise than he gets. The unsung member of our family as far as the public goes. This dog spent every chemo week on the bed next to me. I would come home from my chemo treatments and he would leap up and lie there and I would fall asleep holding his paw. There is something so very lonely about that first 48 hours or so--you don't feel horrid yet and in our house there were young kids to be tended. My husband would be making dinner or helping with homework and Patriot would lie beside me and keep me company. His presence allowed me to relax and drift off to sleep.
He came all the way from Australia to be our dog 8 years ago. So I thought I should shoot a picture of him with the wheel and then sing his praises. Yes I am still trying to post everyday and with the exception of a few internet fiasco days or when I was at the Hay House event I wrote.

Did you do your BSE? Did your significant female do it? Ask her right now. No cheating!