my Daisy Wheel and me!

So today I went off to yoga-- a new old love! and came home--after taking my vits and having my breakfast smoothie---and no you don't want the 
recipe --you wouldn't like it--my treat is on Sundays--I make it with pineapple instead of berries. My kids complain about the smell if I drink it in the car. Anyway--I am trying to get used to my old computer and the new operating system. Egaads! Christmas is coming early to me in the way of a new computer thanks to my amazing husband.  The new os put a crimp in my blogging and writing and social media output. So I am back now and trying to be patient with the old dear(computer) I am also isolated at the house today as they are redoing our street. Later on there is a small local fundraiser for GIT and I will post some pics from it after the conference I am going to this weekend. I am busy to be sure--Have you done your self exam? Follow our lead! check out the Daisy Wheel and share the news with a friend or a stranger!
This is just a TBT for the heck of it--really short hair and grey! This was Sept 29, 2010 a year and four days after my diagnosis, almost done with herceptin and planning on going skiing!