I know I know I sorta missed a day-- 31 Days of #DaisyWheel

Honestly I posted to my friends on facebook and to my twitter followers. I couldn't access my blog yesterday from my phone or ipad---
Here is where I was with my Daisy Wheel but this is only part of the day. I know the wheel isn't in the picture but this is the display for the Guess watch on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I dashed in after a luncheon in honor of my plastic surgeon and my oncology nurses. Guess is amazing in donating 20% of the cost per watch. This is such a terrific thing for GIT as we just want to teach more kids. We do one thing. We teach breast self exam and donations are how we do it. 

The really heroes in my life…Yesterday was the yearly luncheon and boutique for Tower Research. They honored my breast surgeon last year and I couldn't get a ticket. This year they honored my first plastic surgeon,  and the oncology nurses of Tower Hematology Oncology where I did my treatment. I had to go alone which was a little nerve racking but I did it. Of course the first person I saw was Dr S. He is a hero in my life. Took hours to counsel me in my decisions regarding surgery and reconstruction. My first appointment with was three hours long. The nurses of Tower are stalwarts, full of humor good attitude and kindness. Can I help you, make you more comfortable , bring you food and also the type to snap you out of any mood at any time if they felt you needed it. When my oncologist began to speak of them in order to give them their awards, I started to cry and sitting here at my desk I am tearing up. Five years and they are still ever present in my gratitude list.  They saw me through the hardest days of my life and beyond. I love each and every one of them for what they do each day. There is nothing I can do to really express how they made me feel and my respect and love for them. I was honored to be their patient. 
At the event there was Dr. S and my breast surgeon and my oncologist and my second plastic surgeon--all of them there and sitting at two tables down front. My breast surgeon saved my life. My onocologist made sure it was saved. 
When Dr S got up to accept his award there was a row of tables on their feet --all his patients I would say. He is a hero to many for he is the one who puts us back together and makes us feel whole again. No small feet when you have had part of yourself removed. When the nurses got up the whole place stood up. They really saw us at our most fear full and uncomfortable times and they took us right on through.
I will always be grateful to each and every one of the team at Tower. From the valet parking guys to the front desk to the radiologists, nurses, accounting…every person in that place was kind and considerate and caring. 
Thank you Tower. Thank you Dr. S