Happy Breast Health Month 31 Days of #daisywheel and all things related

So one time a year I get a little enthusiastic and post lots of stuff regarding Breast health and Get In Touch. Last year I did the whole 31 Days of Pink. This year I am going to try for 31 Days of "where in the world is my Daisy Wheel." Please retweet, share, instagram as much as you would like…you can even facebook it. I want to spread the word that early detection is our best weapon against this lousy disease and we need to use it to our advantage.
Click the link:
Get In Touch
Things to do…

Buy the watch! The link is on the GIT website and it is available at Macy's and Guess stores. A great Christmas present and Guess watches is donating part of the proceeds to Get In Touch. This is an amazing opportunity for GIT. We get to teach more girls.

Buy a wheel--each wheel costs 4 dollars and pays for the one you get plus one for a girl in the program.

Tell  people! Yesterday I was in a store looking at a purse --I need a dressy purse that fits my daisy wheel to take it with me when I get dressed up. I pulled it out of my bag to see if it would fit and the girl helping me asked what it was. We got into a whole long conversation about it. Turns out her yoga teacher at Total Woman takes time during yoga classes to encourage women to check their breasts but she doesn't have a clear idea how to teach them. I gave her a wheel. She promised to make a donation and buy some wheels and I hope she does.

Give them to kids in college, talk to your friends. We can always have more people spreading the word that we exist.

Do a fundraiser. Tell your school nurse or administrator to order them for a class.

These are concrete things. Know a teen who's mom has been diagnosed? Send her a wheel. It gives us something to do that actually works and saves lives. The earlier one is diagnosed the better.

Do you have a man in your life with a family history of breast cancer? Tell him to check his chest and apologize for it all being pink but we still get the most attention. Tell him real men wear pink.