dear friends, great food, pink and white roses and 31 Days of #DaisyWheel

Daisy Wheel with Roses at my house.

Last Thursday as you may know was my 5th anniversary of being Cancer Free. As I said on that day I was more moved and proud than I thought I would be. It surprised me how important it all was. I am grateful to every one of my friends and family who got me through it. It does take support and I am glad I didn't have to do it on my own.

Wy and I have been friends since Kindergarten. We had a pause in our friendship from age 9 until 22 and since then we have been friends like no time was missed. We had a lovely evening where she and her husband came to dinner and we had the amazing pleasure of just hanging out. After years of grabbing snippets of time after shows I was so happy to just be. We have had a couple of these times together and it always reminds me of that old saying, "You can't make an old friend." Wy is one of the few that knew me as a kid and knew my family and that makes it special for us both.  So on Thursday, I woke up to my husband and kids gently and each in their own way saying, "Congratulations." Then there were flowers. From Wy, Gorgeous pink and white roses and just the right touch on the card. I was careful about celebrating--didn't know if I wanted to or not didn't know if I wanted to do anything in particular. I went to yoga as I said and the rest of the day I was a mom. By the end of the day I wanted a marching band and a ticker tape parade but ok, it is enough to be alive and continue to have days where I just get to hang with my family and my friends.