california, good neighbors, and shop local 31 Days of #DaisyWheel

This picture is taken from the campus of UCSB--amazing location with a beach basically on campus. I would have learned to surf if I had gone there! 
A local business offered to do a Get In Touch fundraiser in honor of their one year anniversary. this is a store that donated a similar party for our silent auction in March. They called me up and said they wanted to donate the ticket price to a evening shopping with with cocktails and food, give everyone who came 20% off and donate the $20.00 to get in to Get In Touch! All I have to do is show up. How nice!
The watch is selling well and I keep going into Guess stores and Macy's and asking about it and they are so excited to hear more about it. And believe me, I tell them all about it!

Back when I was growing up I  saw what it meant to the buyers and wholesalers and customers to meet Dad. They loved getting a chance to talk to him and as it made the work even more personal it encouraged them to do more, buy more and sell more. So I am trying to do that in my area by speaking to the salespeople and taking photos of the displays and tweeting about it…btw @LAmourAngelique is my twitter handle.

I was so touched that the ladies in this boutique would think of me and my foundation for this event. So cool and it helps that I love their clothing!

Happy day to you all--Did you do your breast self exam?
Here is a place to sign up for a reminder….