A Scare Crow #31Days of Daisy Wheel--finding your focus---

I am trying to get back to work--my oldest is doing another play--the first one was tow weeks ago and next week this one opens. This means that she is at school all. The. Time. I have been running errands  and trying to get myself back to writing everyday on my book. I am also fighting with a question.. .

Why am I writing this? No before you think this  is all about doubting myself I will assure you that isn't the whole picture. Yes I have doubts. I try to put those away, mostly. But I feel that answering this question will make sure there is an overall focus to the book. When I work on fiction it is simply to entertain. Tell a good story and maybe impart some knowledge about some part of it. I am working on a piece of historical fiction so  that makes sense.
What I am up to now though has some focus--I tell my story my experience, strength and hope.  In the hopes that it helps someone. I do talk about faith. I do include helpful hints. I do have suggestions on how to survive it with family intact. The thing is life never stops so things change, kids grow and hopes are encouraged.

First this was to impart information. Then it was also to help and finally to get it out. I feel that until I tell this story I will not be free to tell other stories. I need to do this first.

Part of me wonders if in all the development and pr and all that goes into publishing a book I will be able to work on fiction again. I believe so as my lead character keeps knocking about in my head letting me know she is there and I need to move ahead.

I learned a lot about publishing in the self pub world this weekend--and I started thinking about what I wanted to speak about--if I am to do pr for this book what is its focus to the point of what am I really saying. I watched Hay House authors get up and speak and kept circling back to what is my speech going to be about. I have often said that I chose Get In Touch because I wanted to help on the solution side of things. I have not volunteered at the chemo center as I don't want to be in that space. I lived through and I will talk with anyone who needs me to talk to --my friends have felt free to call and ask--but that isn't where I want to spend all my time. And is, indeed, the book about that? I think it is something more. It is about perseverance and positivity and keeping ones thoughts clean and looking ahead.

I think tomorrow I will get to write a bit. Right now I know I will have a hungry teen coming in the door momentarily so I must be ready to jump at a moment's notice.

The sideline to all this is that I have been reading the Outlander series and am on book 3--hard to put down and easy to disappear into like the standing stones at Craigh Na Dun. Love a good series!