31 Days of # DaisyWheel --Pink clothes shopping! Old Gringo-The North Face, Sundance, Nordstroms, Guess watches, Tracy Reese, Sorel, Kate Spade

Okay, okay, I am not shooting pictures of myself today--honestly my day is taken up with writing and family so if I manage to get out of my work out clothes today before noon that will be a win. So I did some dreaming on line and playing around with googling pink on a few websites. After last year's 31 Days of Pink I needed to delve into fashion at least once!

Guess Watch for GIT
This is so cute and I am wearing mine every day. We are so excited that Guess is donating part of the proceeds from this watch to GIT, and  so grateful as it will help us to continue to educate people in this simple, life saving technique

a new pink jacket
This is really cute and if I needed a new jacket I would hop to---The North Face fits me really well and this jacket is one of their light and warm ones.

a lovely pink scarf
who doesn't need a pink scarf? This one has a nice drapey effect and is light enough for the never ending summer in Southern California this year.

a pea coat?
This is cute but try as I could I couldn't get the front to transfer. It's a peacoat and adorable...

gorgeous coat

This is elegant and the style seems to be all the rage this year. 

These are the only boots to keep my feet warm in winter.  Really the best winter boot company.

pretty flower  earrings
These are really cute! I am still looking for earrings that are pink set in silver but these are perfect for a ladies lunch or night out.
Tracy Reese dress

I thought this was cute--always looking for GIT lunch dresses

comfy slippers

old Gringo

I love this boot company. Honestly, Old Gringo fits me like they were made for my feet. They make a true 11 which is hard to find but worth the search for me. I am a true 10 but in cowboy boots I go up a size. I have several pair and am now on a sabbatical from purchasing. I do dream of my next pair and these are really cuteā€¦I will maintain my composure --I have to confess that if they had more 11's on their sample sale I would be in big trouble. They are expensive so I search until I find them on sale in my size and sometimes I really luck out. 

By the way---have you done your breast self exam? You have? Good--your assignment for the day is to ask one person if they have done it or have learned how to do it and then share with them The Get In Touch Foundation.
My daisy wheel on my desk---and, no, my desk is not neat.