31 Days of #DaisyWheel I know more than you...

Catchy title? So here is the truth--I know more about myself than the average person who has never been diagnosed. Is this scary? Not really because it means that I am watched and tested and seen so I will know about anything that comes up. People who don't have this in their past aren't looked at by their doctors in the same way. Nor should they be.

But you still need to do your Breast Self exam! Did you know where that was going? I hope so. 5 days in you should be aware that this is important. Now the other matter…I need a general doctor. I know I know I know, but the beginning of the year was taken up with changing insurance and hoping I would be paying less and find someone who specialized in survivorship. I also wanted someone within a 10 minute drive---ain't happening. I found a doctor 30 minutes away who doesn't take my insurance. She is recommended by my oncologist so I will go see her and see what I think.

All you medical students out there---start thinking about survivorship as a specialty --it should be one and it needs to be one. We have special needs from our doctors. I may always have trouble with my hands and feet…Or it could end when I stop tamoxifen--who do I ask? I want a doctor who knows. Luckily because I am still young I have the chance to see this come to fruition in my lifetime.

I was thinking about this today when speaking with a friend who is going through a tough time with a health issue. She said that none of her friends were going through this and I said but some day they will have a challenge, mental or physical and they will have to face it. She will know how to do it and be able to guide them. I often felt I went through things before my friends. First one to have a friend die, first one to lose a parent things like that. It's hard when you are the pioneer. Oh, yes, and that other thing---first one to get cancer. I guess the gift for them is that I am there to lead them through it. I have been asked to do just that --unfortunately several times now and I am always happy to help.

The important thing to remember is that we all have our "things" to deal with and no one is immune. What we can do is lead them, show them that there is another side and there is humor and there is a future.

The photo today is from Hawaii, off the Kona Coast while snorkeling in a hidden cove. Happy Breast Health Month…