31 Days of #DaisyWheel--Day 7--A Beginning

Photo bombing Daisy Wheel!
Here we are at the entrance to one of the most beautiful college campuses in California. The entrance to Stanford is fantastic and with its palm tree lined street leading to the center I am taken back to my childhood. My grandparents had a date and citrus farm in La Quinta. My grandfather was no longer living and I can't quite remember how old I was when my grandmother sold the property. The feeling I remember is of date palms and tangerine trees. My visits there must have been before the age of 5 because I don't have any clearer memories than that. The area is now a private neighborhood near the La Quinta Hotel and at one time my grandfather was developing the whole area. He sold lots to people who wanted to build houses there. 
This picture is  a good one as it is of both a beginning and an end. The circle of life. My daughter is starting to look at colleges. This I took when I was picking her up from a camp there a couple of years ago. College marks a time of change for families--I am both looking forward to it for both our girls and the excitement and beginning it means for them. For me, I know I will miss them, but it will also mark a time of beginning for my husband and me. Time where we will be together like in the beginning of our relationship so many years(25) ago. I am certain it will be both joyous and bittersweet but for now we just get to explore the possibilities for our oldest. I do wonder where she will end up.
I remember that I was absolutely certain I knew where I wanted to go and when I got accepted there I was thrilled. Then the letter came from Pitzer College and I was literally over the moon! I was so excited and I couldn't wait. No part of me looked back or questioned. I had never gone away from my parents for more than a night and I was thrilled with the idea of being in a dorm and going to classes. I hope that for both our kids--that anticipation that excitement that thought that anything is possible. 

Anything is possible--Did you do your breast self exam? Do you know why I ask everyday? Because no one does it everyday. And you need to do it once a month--but hey, if you put it off yesterday please do it today. You might save a life.