31 Days of #DaisyWheel Day 3 Could we have some fall, please

In my life---I have always lived in Southern California. Traveled a great deal but grew up in LA.
The world had the hottest August on record this year. I think the LA area has had the hottest September and now it is October and over 100 degrees. UGH! 

Christopher and I went to the movies on Wednesday and to rebel I wore jeans and boots. Granted Tuesday was cooler than today. I love going to the movies and I can't remember the last time we went. Looking forward to a number of things coming out in the next few weeks so hopefully we will be able to be regular about it again. 

I promised myself I would decorate for Halloween but it is so overbearingly hot that I think I will wait until it breaks. 

Saw the amazing Dr. Funk on Hallmark Home and Family where she was teaching how to do a breast self exam. The Pink Lotus Breast Center tweeted about it earlier today so you can still find the tweet. 
It's the time of day where I am dodging the sunlight which shines in the window behind my computer so I am going to do something else for a bit. 
Have a lovely evening...