31 Days of #DaisyWheel Day 10

Early Morning Revlon RunWalk 2014

Today I was up early and the day is overcast for the first time in I don't know how long. I actually put on jeans yesterday afternoon.

Want Vs Need---okay an update: I did fall off the wagon rather completely but not without need I must say. I went searching for tops to wear to yoga. I went looking for what I could wear that would support and not bind.
In the effort to find things that fit post reconstruction--I need the perfect supportive but not binding bra/ bra top that I can sleep in or do yoga in without falling out all over the place or feeling bound. With the threat of lymphedema always there I am careful in how tightly I bind myself--unfortunately the idea behind sports bras is to do just that--so I buy them big--that is okay for when I am working out with Greg and I need super support. When I go to Yoga I don't want that much compression. Of course the perfect sports bra for me was made at Athleta and now they have discontinued it. I have one--and that is enough! I bought a cute top at Lorna Jane as well as two other bra type things--will try them out over the coming weeks. I am so happy to have made the commitment to go back to yoga.

I went to yoga and it was great--can't wait to go again next Tuesday--As for now I have things to do and this weekend is full.

Happy Day 10 and please Do your breast self exam--and  buy a wheel--or download the app.