31 Days of #DaisyWheel #BreastHealthMonth. Day 2

This is the twitter picture for day two of 31 Days of #DaisyWheel. I kind of did things in reverse today as I was headed to run an errand and I wanted my Day two tweet out ---so tomorrow I will try not to repeat myself.
So have you done your BSE? Please do so--take the minute please.

I was out in the world only briefly today. Spent part of it grocery shopping, running to the bank that sort of thing. then I came home and managed to edit 30 pages of my book. And miracle of all--no one interrupted me. TomorrowI will do more. Didn't think I could work in the afternoon because the afternoon sun shines in my window behind my computer. Another miracle --it seems that right now between 3 and 5 the sun is right behind the wood frame so I am saved and free to work without dark glasses on.
 In some ways this "where in the world is your daisy wheel?" might be harder than coming up with pictures of pink things. We shall see. I went through my photos on my computer and came up with several so that is good.
I hear from the Get In Touch office that the phones are ringing off the hook with people calling about what we do and about the Guess watch.
Have a happy rest fo your day and look forward to tomorrow.
Photo taken from the top of some mountains overlooking the Pacific.