The post with the links to help in the fight--Get In Touch, Stand Up 2 Cancer, etc

Every year as we get closer to October I get asked about different charities and what they do and how they help with the  treatment of and prevention of and detection of breast cancer.

I think you should check out any charity you ever give to. That is just the truth. See what people are saying and see what the mission is and all that.

First love for me

The mission of the Get In Touch Foundation is to provide breast health initiatives that educate gals and guys of all ages how to "get in touch" with their bodies, information, and each other in our crusade against breast cancer.

Basically what we do is teach. We teach girls around the world…the program is in all 50 states, 27 countries and the free app has been downloaded into 80 countries. 
I have taught over 450 girls this simple and life saving technique. 
Unfortunately women are getting diagnosed at alarming rates 232,340 were expected in 2013 alone and younger and younger ages. Men, too, account for 2400 new cases a year. The BRCA testing is getting better and people are realizing it can go through father's families as well as mother's.

"There is no prevention. There is only early detection." Our honoree and newest advisory board member, Dr. Krisit Funk said this and it is still true.

When you donate to GIT money goes to getting the program taught through the Daisy Wheel, into the hands of girls around the world, boys too in some countries. We have a very small overhead and employ 1 full time and one part time employee at this time. 
We are now honored to have Guess Watches donating a portion of the proceeds from their really cute watch this year.

check the watch out here

Stand up 2 Cancer is another great group--they fund collaborations between scientists and doctors working to improve treatment and find a cure. And doesn't fund people looking to make a buck with patents etc.   to learn more click here

There are many fine local groups doing many things. Some groups put together gift bags for mastectomy patients. My friend Anne brought me one from her home town in Connecticut and it was terrific and sweet. I used the pillow to pad my seatbelt for a long time.

Please do something…No gift is too small and also the gift of your time means a great deal to anyone going through this, whether it is to drive their kids or bring them groceries or just pass the time of day, it all counts a great deal.