Dressy clothes---hmmm---Black tie not really included.

I bought a cocktail dress last year…I don't drink. I needed something between pants and black tie. I found this gorgeous dress, figured out what size I would be and waited til it went on sale. I had patience and Nordstrom didn't have my size when it was full price but all of a sudden there it was in my size and on sale! Again the lesson for the day --buy classic and buy on sale. The dress is short but at the knee with a satin top with straps wide enough to cover a bra and the bottom from the empire bodice down is boucle with a bit of tasteful sparkle. I didn't know exactly when I would wear it but I thought about my friend's non profit event and another thing I might go to and it seemed I should strike while the iron was hot. I wore it to Mariska's party for her star unveiling which was the night of the unveiling. Earlier that day I was in my trusty BR pants, sleeveless blouse and seater. Good thing too as it was really hot in the sun. Last year I bought a pair of dressy pants that I had taken in and how fab is it that I have to have them taken in again! Love that. It is great when you spend concerted effort getting into shape and it works. It didn't for the first 2 years after chemo and then it just started to.. This summer I had to shorten my maxi dresses because I was thinner which made them longer.

Still I have no black tie--I could, in a jam wear the black pants with a silk top or the dress again. I have no black tie event looming either which is good. Hopefully I will one day but until then…No shopping!
This is the only picture I have of me in my dress--unfortunately some gorgeous brunette friend forever type is hugging me and you can't see it!

So today I did buy something. I have to confess--but it was a pair of classic of the  moment D'Orsay style pumps in black suede and they were on sale for 80 dollars and not so high I needed oxygen. I love a good sale. My plan is that these are the shoes for next years Get In Touch Luncheon. Now I just have to find a dress…we don't have a date yet and I am looking for a dress! 

Other than fashion…I am working on my book but the last few days I have had a really sick child who needed me. So there went the writing time! But I did manage to work on a project my brother through my way. I am learning as much as I can in order to be helpful with the social media aspect of Dad's work but this is a research job. I enjoy research. The challenge is cool and I like finding things when I least expect to find them!