been quiet around here lately...

It is summer and I do have two kids and a book to work on--actually two if I am really honest with another 15 in the background--Dad was lucky to have mom and be able to write at his whim which for him was every day all day! I would love to have that time.

I had another test done on my tumor---odd since it has been out of me for 4 years 10 months and 2 days. In other words I have been cancer free for 4 years 10 months and 2 days!  This test is supposed to show my chance of long term recurrence but is not perhaps that accurate yet due to the fact that  a large group of women it was tested on were perhaps, her2nu positive but didn't receive herceptin. What it did show us is that I may be able to go off of tamoxifen next spring. This is good because if I do there is a distinct possibility that I could stop having these interesting episodes with my ovaries and uterus like I did last Christmas. We will know more next spring when we really look at it to make the decision.

My oncologist is pleased I am closing in on the magic number of survivorship--not mentioning what that is but you can probably guess. Not gonna jinx it! I never thought about it as anything more than a number from the scientists--but to her it was important for me. LEarn something new everyday. I do try not to think the scary thoughts as that is why I chose her--so she can think them for me--it seems she did just that.

Women keep getting diagnosed around me and my heart goes out to them at the start of all this. It is scary and lousy and all that but there does come a put up or shut up moment where each woman stands up to be reckoned with. It is a HUGE lesson in giving up control. I guess we learn our life lessons in many ways. I needed to learn to give up control---you can guess how good I am at that now!

lesson for the day--relax--give up control a bit---it's okay if the dishes sit and your kid turns in her paper at the last possible moment-- it isn't the cure for…okay maybe the kid's paper will be…but it is in on time!