Revlon Run Walk Number Five!

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that number. Five--it's a big one for cancer people. Mostly because that is the distance the studies go to. Five years. still it is a good one. So I have walked 5 times and each year it is special in its own way. This year it was a small group. At the last minute my oldest couldn't come--she awoke with a fever of 100.4 which went up from there. One thing I know is that when you get to the runwalk you can't leave for awhile…hours actually so home she stayed. It was not the day to be out with a fever in the heat. The walk itself was still pleasant but while I was sitting in the sun before it began there was clearly a hot day on its way. I still felt her with me and she has been there for everything else. So it was a close group of friends who had walked every year, a friend of my youngest who came with her mom and one of my best friends who has walked with me several times.

Team Sign

my friend Elaine and me at the start--love this photo!
Waiting to begin
Confetti guns!

My daughter and I in the Survivor Tent 
 I hope that one year I will walk NYC and LA. I thought about it this time but My youngest and I were in NYC for spring break so I couldn't just turn around and go again.
Elaine has been my friend for 14 years now. We met in the parking lot at preschool with our 16 year olds. You know that saying that you can't make an old friend? Well I did with her. It was like we were always friends. She is so lovely to be with, great sense of humor and she fed me through my pregnancy with my younger girl. We would go to her house for a play date and she would feed me and make me tea while our kids played so all I had to do was sit and eat and relax. Love her so much.

As always Halle Berry was there and encouraged and cheered all of us on --she is so up and happy and positive I can only imagine what a blessing it would be to know her personally. Many people spoke at the start but the one who has spoken before but I wasn't close enough to see is, Dr. Slamon. He created Herceptin which helped to save my life and is saving the lives of countless others. A true hero because he succeeded in making a treatment that didn't kill good cells but targeted cancer cells. An amazing step forward in the treatment of cancer.

Have a lovely week everyone---hot as heck here in California, and I am spring cleaning!