contemplating the future and a bit of fashion sense.

I have to say that after October's 31 days of pink episode I have begun to put more thought into how I dress--I am out of the time crunch to a certain extent…having one child who drives is terrific. What used to be a tee shirt and jeans and boots type of day now becomes that and a bag of chips. I am accessorizing--I am also out of the three year post chemo slump and down to my natural weight. So I am shedding clothing along with winter pallor. I have been making a stab at being frugal, buying one pair of jeans to replace three. That kind of thing. My goal is to have only pieces I love and would wear any day instead of the ones that only look right when I'm… or only feel right when I am … fill in the blank.
I made a few additions to my closet as a result of needing things for interviews and meetings--something I haven't needed to do but I bought timeless items, two dresses one wrap,one sheath, a couple of jackets and two blouses.

I don't think I will try another month of posting daily but you never know. I have been mostly silent since our event. Mostly because I was exhausted and spent days catching up and doing taxes and writing thank you notes to people who helped, came or donated. And running around with my girls to do all the things put off during the last month of crunch time for the event. Now I get to relax a bit and start planning for next year!

Summer is coming quickly and I need to plan for it. I also need to go back to exploring the whole hysterectomy question. After the dash to do it at Christmas time which I put the breaks on I know I need to make a plan. It came down to my Doctor asking me how many biopsies I had had in the 4 years on tamoxifen and the answer being three and menopause being around a year away which made me rethink the absolute no I had given it. What really made me think was my girlfriend asking me how I would feel if in two years I found I really had a problem--all I would be thinking about would be how I should have done it. Honestly I am still tired of being futzed with! That feeling hasn't changed and neither has my fear of one more thing going wrong--which is outweighed by the fear of cancer coming back.

Right now what I need to do is This is the hard part--it is written but I need to make sure it covers what I wanted to say and doesn't repeat and then have one more run thorough. That way I can go back into the fictional worlds I have created in my other projects. And maybe, just maybe, I might help someone who is searching for what I have to say about Breast cancer, raising a family and faith. The search for the agent will come after that.

My birthday was a joy--comfortable relaxed with a movie at the end of the day. I loved it. Mariska wished me a happy birthday on Twitter which led to over 800 people favoriting it and over 200 retweeting. It is still happening and made me feel celebrated across all social media! Quite something.

I get to see her in a few weeks which will be fun.
Now it's off to reread my manuscript and sit in the sun--cool but sunny here in California. The temperatures are heading up. Summer is coming and so is the finish line for my book.