The Get In Touch Foundation's Los Angeles 2014 Pretty In Pink Luncheon and Women of Strength Awards with Dr Kristi Funk, Rob Lowe, Jennifer Salke and me!

This was a dream luncheon in so many ways.Things came together in what really seemed an effortless fashion. Of course it took months of planning. hundreds of emails and many phone calls to make it happen. It helps that Jennifer Salke was my co-chair and very committed to the event and the cause. She asked Rob to be our host and truthfully he has a quite moving story about why he is passionate about early detection. His newest book is coming out on April 8 which is also the same date as my 11 year old daughter's 12th birthday and the release date of James Durbin's album --our entertainment for the event.

The room looked incredible, truly one of the prettiest ballrooms I have ever been in. The silent auction had lovely items and my husband played guitar to welcome everyone.
The overall feeling in the room was positive and life affirming. Everyone left with a sense of purpose and a dedication to being proactive about their own health. Two girls who had been students in the program, one from Marymount and one from a charter school south of downtown, spoke about their experience. James was fabulous and so was his new single.

The experience of bringing this event to Los Angeles meant that there was a lot more attention on Get In Touch. There were multiple interviews prior to the event, national radio shows, print and blog interviews as well as some TV interviews. Jennifer, Mary Ann and I did Bite Size TV Kristi did Hallmark Home and Family, and The Doctors came to interview at the event.  Voice of America came to film Kristi at a talk she gave in LA and came to a school while Mary Ann and I taught as well as to the event itself. Photos of Rob went even across the pond to the Daily Mail in the UK. For this Foundation, who's work is so important, this is a big step in getting the word out that it exists and deserves attention!  I am finally getting my life up and running after hyper-focusing on the event. It still seems as if it were all a dream.

There are more pictures below for your enjoyment…
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Flowers were by Mark's Garden and every guest received a Daisy Wheel.

Awards by Tiffany

Laces for Lana

The beautiful Anna Musky-Goldwyn and her father Tony Goldwyn. Anna wrote some wonderful pieces about the event and the women involved and posted them on her blog --  Anna And Mary Ann's daughter, Betsy, rowed together for many years. 
Mary Ann and her daughter, Mary, being interviewed for The Doctors. The show will be on Monday, March 24.

The crew with their daughters, the reasons we are passionate in living breathing form.

The brilliant, beautiful and funny Dr. Kristi Funk

Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Isn't she fun!

A picture of the room

My amazing friend of many years, Gina Rugolo and the beautiful and talented Yasmine Richard.

The room and a rare glimpse of my husband, he's the one with the green tie.

Standing ovation for Mary Ann. 

Me, talking but trying not to use my hands too much!

James Durbin.

The moment when Jennifer said we would do it again next year! We will start work on it in a few weeks! Yikes!