Where I am now! Event is three weeks away and Rob Lowe is hosting. Honoring Dr. Kristi Funk and Dr. Nalini Chilkov

So busy! Here we are a mere 3 weeks--is it really only 3 weeks(?)  away from the event at Casa Del Mar. I am still a mother and a wife and a dog owner but I also have this PARTY to plan.  I have started receiving silent auction items for the event and they are gorgeous. I can't pick a favorite. I have a phone meeting on Tuesday morning. Monday I have to call the people I have invited from various schools along with the head of the LAUSD school nurses. I have a representative of one of the local school districts coming which is very exciting. Friday I meet with one of my committee members. And in between I have the daily thing of making arrangements, planning flowers and doing a tasting of the yummy food possibilities for the lunch. Really looking forward to the dessert part of that!

I know some of you are not from around here so don't let that discourage you from donating if you can. Every 10 dollars equals 5 girls learning a life saving technique --every 50 dollars equals 25 girls learning a life saving technique  do you see where this is going?
Buy a ticket or an ad or a table and save lives and educate girls--pretty fabulous don't you think?

getintouchfoundation.org is the site where you can buy a ticket, watch the video, donate and see how this amazing group works.

Looking at the states--early stage breast cancer has a 95% cure rate --the earlier it is caught the better. There has been much talk in the press this past week about mammograms and their true value. I say do it all following your doctor's advice. But, and this is first line of defense, you are always available to check your own. You are with yourself all the time and if you learn how to do it properly you will know if or, God forbid, when something is wrong.

The Get in Touch Foundation's Daisy Wheel is a great tool to remind us how to do this properly. The steps are simple and clear.

 So as I head into the next few weeks I find myself thinking about what we hope to accomplish. We hope to raise money that is true, but we also hope to raise awareness of this amazing foundation. I want schools to realize it is here and free of charge. I want parents to realize it is here and free of charge. And I want everyone to realize it only takes 2 dollars to save a life.

Right now the program is in all 50 states but not every school. It is in 26 countries and with the downloadable app The Get In Touch Foundation has reached 83 countries around the world. The hardest work, getting it started, has been done. Now we have to insure that it continues and continues to spread around the world.