Before and after

Most of our life we think of as times of before and after. Before and after college, high school, marriage and so on. For much of my adult life I was in a state of before and after my father's death or the births of my girls. Now I have a new one. One I am determined to leave behind...before and after cancer.
Right now I am celebrating year 50 with my oldest friend. Enjoying our time together and thinking about my own rapidly approaching. I want a new b and f so now it will be before and after 50. I thought about it in terms of leaving my 40's behind because the last half of that decade has been tough health wise, but I still learned and enjoyed and loved so much I don't want to regret a minute of it. But 50, well that's a landmark. So for now I will be happy to start the rest of my life right away, knowing that the growth I made on each of those roughly 18,262 days was worth it and brought me to where I am and who I am right now. I don't regret a minute, a heartache, a disappointment, a joy, a love, a success because each one was necessary for this time and place to be so perfect.