Cleaning out purses...

The title is intriguing isn't it? Well tonight I found a post it note inside the tiny outside pocket of my purse. It was a post it I haven't looked at for more than four years. It was the name and address of my breast surgeon, written down for me late June 2009. The beginning note. I saw Daniel Quinn quote from Ishmael today, it was, " we are all captives of a story." Whereas I believe in destiny I also believe our free choice drives that destiny to a certain extent. When I named this blog I named it so because all summer I kept saying, " this is not my story. "  So when it came time to name the blog it seemed important I add the  " right now" part as I believe my story to be personally evolving over time. To be captive of a story,..hmm well I think we are until we break free of it. I need to finish the book I'm writing on this chapter of my life to be freed from it. So I can go on into telling stories that are enjoyable to readers looking to escape.
Now I find myself in a type of ministry...I help people facing difficult things, I educate young women in how to do breast self exams and to never be afraid of being proactive, for even the scary and hard stuff in life reaps beauty. I have been gifted beyond measure. I love my life and I love helping but I also love telling stories.

Next March I am hosting a fundraiser with a friend from high school to raise money for Get in Touch. I want to finish my book by then. I plan on it. Starting in the morning. Moving into the next chapter so I will not be held captive by any story unless I choose it.