By now you know how important this organization is to me. I volunteer at two Catholic all girls schools to teach the program. Each time I do I speak to a room of 15-20 girls and I do this 5 classes  at a shot.
Every time I speak the first questions I ask them are, 1)"How many of you have been taught how to do breast self exam?" The answer is 1-3 every class except when there are no hands raised. 2)"How many of you have tried breast self exam?" The same amount answer--somewhere around 1-3 girls say yes.
When My oldest was in 6th grade there were 15 kids in her grade at her tiny school. Of those kids 5 mothers were diagnosed within 2-3 years of each other--that's 1/3 of the class personally affected by breast cancer.
More girls need to know this valuable skill. I know I was never really taught. I picked up things here and there and from my doctors but no one actually taught me.

This is where Get in Touch comes in. The program teaches girls grades 5-12 how to do BSE in a comfortable clothed way. So they can go home and teach there moms and also do it themselves. There is a free app as well.
The program is free to any school that asks. That is all it takes for this valuable diagnostic tool.
Check it out and click on Girl's program if you want to see the video.