Friends who do amazing things...31 days of pink--Day 11 Livestrong, San Francisco swims

I was amazed at people who went and did things for me---I know people feel helpless and want to do something, but I am still amazed. I have a large turnout for the Revlon walk every year and our Team L'Amour has raised over $30,000 already. And then there were other friends. A friend who, with her daughter walked the three day walk back east...I know I was on her list along with her family members. And then there was my friend--new mother and all who walked the two day in San Francisco with my name on her shirt...along with several other people's names. And then I have this amazing woman in my life who feels like family and swam San francisco Bay not once but twice. Once to Alcatraz and once the length of the Golden Gate bridge. Now SF bay is freezing, choppy and there are sharks! She came in one race 15 among women in a wetsuit and the other she came in 1st. She is amazing and likes doing these long distance swim. She said she was amazed by my courage and my "other mother"'s courage so we inspired her. Somehow I think chemo may have been easier!
Another friend road a bike from Durango to Silverton--60 miles or so over an extreme amount of altitude to celebrate his birthday in the Iron Horse Classic Livestrong event. Crimany!--he also asked me if I would ever do it? Really, from sea level? Probably not.

Sometimes people who are confronted witĖ™ catastrophic illness go on a tear to do dangerous things or things they never dreamed of doing.

So I swam with dolphins. I went to Ireland. I went to Hawaii 4 weeks after a surgery with my girls for a wedding. But as for the bungey jumping, cliff diving type--I figure I have done my death defying stunt and it was cancer! I will, however, do things that I have always wanted to do. I won't look back too long. And I will go one day to Greece. That however is a post for a different time.
my friend Brittany--San Francisco--a marathon day one and a half marathon day two--she did not camp out and there are pictures of her and her friends with their feet in a bathtub full of ice.

Team L'Amour --2009--great turnout that day..

Look at the chop! And doesn't it look cold?

This is the gorgeous woman who did the swims!

Wish I had a picture of my bike riding pal--he also taught me to ski when I was a teen and he owns an amazing gallery called Toh-Atin in Durango--all Native American art-

Now what can I do to deserve all this? I guess I will try to help and inspire as many people as I can.