Chemical Free/Organic Beauty Products

I spent years changing from chemically laden products. The search began with sunblock. It escalated due to a brief use of progesterone cream which taught me that things rubbed into your skin could change your whole life. I was calmer as a result among other things. So I went further. If progesterone cream could change me for the good how was everything I used changing me? This was long before I heard the words, "You have cancer."

At the time, about 6 or 7 years ago there was very little information about what chemicals to avoid--basically all of them--and what they did but there was this website starting up called

environmental working group   This website has tons of information about BPA and GMO and a terrific list of sunblocks that they do every year. Also there is a section to see just what is in your cosmetics and what it could do to you.
It is daunting when you start but I have done the work for you! Or at least some of it.

I loved makeup. I loved doing my own for the plays I was in. I loved experimenting. I loved many makeup companies beautiful packaging.

One reviewer who is trusted by me and is also a cancer survivor is GlamOrganic Goddess-- She is fantastic in her coverage and also loved many of the same lines that I did so she is picky about performance.

My list will be in the posts on this page--

Deodorant--So Antiperspirant gets a really bad rap. But then so do the natural and organic ones..people say they don't work and I thought they didn't either until I learned a secret. First off if I am going to speak to a large group of people I may start wearing one of "those" antiperspirants again. So far I haven't but I also sweat. I don't care if I sweat when I work out or tap dance but I do if I am addressing a group of people.

In my daily life I use Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant --It comes in other smells and none are overbearing. I don't smell but I do get damp---

The secret to switching is to wear nothing for 7 days and clean your pits(yes we are talking about them) with --I used this--EO hand sanitizer from Whole foods-- which comes in lavender as shown hear but also in orange and peppermint. Honestly I use the stuff all the time for washing my hands. I keep a bottle in my purse and in our cars. If I feel like I need it I still spray my pits from time to time.
The truth is once you spend a week doing this--you won't smell anymore. It is bacteria that causes the smell so if you kill the bacteria with alcohol the smell goes away.

I am adding a page which will have all the links to the products I write about.