Breast Cancer Survivors- 31 Days Of Pink--Fashionistas--I give you ---The Scarf Post--Day 7

Scarves-- I can't tell you how many I bought--I can tell you where I got them! I used scarves to cover my head and to hide the uneven appearance of my breasts as I patiently and not so patiently waited for my final implants. As I had a couple of expanders deflate it was  necessary to learn how to really tie a scarf!

Here is a video from Nordstrom--How to tie a scarf

This morning I rearranged my scarf drawer and I have to say that having cancer really did make me wear scarves. I now accessorize without fear! Here is the collection of pink scarves I acquired over the last four years. some are gifts and some are purchases. My primary sources were Nordstrom, and my friend's store, Kingfisher Road.

I used many scarves I already had--and I bought several--at Nordstrom and at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.

Steve Madden Scarf-- this is an infinity scarf--a pretty cool one I might add--I had a couple of these that I wore a great deal--for your head covering---
1)open scarf up to one big loop and place it against your forehead but not too far down. 
2) loop it around your head instead of your neck until you have about 6 inches left 
3)tie a not in the end to secure. Takes a bit of doing at first but then...It's easy and cute!

I also just did it the pirate way with square scarves such as this one.-- This is a bit expensive but it was the only square one I could find on the Nordstrom site----This is one you would fold into a triangle and then tie it on your head like a pirate.
Alexander McQueen Scarf

This site  has tons of scarves which are already tied and as easy to put on as a baseball cap.Beau Beau Scarves
 They have lots of prints and solids and a bit of elastic at the back to make it easy to put on. I loved these.

BEST SLEEPING SCARF--When you lose your hair your scalp is tender and cold! Buff USA--can't download a photo but it is a stretchy tube--I tried a bunch of "sleep"hats and when I rolled over it would come down over my eyes and drive me crazy! These have just the right amount of stretch--I bought the original  after being gifted one by my friend Julie. The greatest gift. I have a larger head and I see there is a smaller size now as well. There are bug repellant ones and spf ones--take a look.