Breast Cancer Awareness Month ---My shopping list for hiding the inequity in your breasts--31 days of pink--day 8

Truthfully I had more than my share of this ---I learned that scarves where great but then there were other things too--I went to one of those stores where you can buy tops and bras and bathing suits with pockets for those who haven't chosen reconstruction. I went there to find a prosthesis that wouldn't break the budget. I had a great time in that store, bought some great tank tops and a cute bra--it was the second of two stores I tried. The first one, well the woman couldn't have been ruder,all I could think is "no one comes in here by choice so why are you so mean?" The second one was manned by a survivor and she was terrific. Positive and funny and willing to help!
Bra shopping and bathing suit shopping is always a challenge but when you are reminded of what you used to look like it's the pits. You need kindness you need humor and you need support.

Today I will post things that will help and cover and I will try to make them PINK!

Bathing suits--man-o-man do I want to design these! We have some needs--we need slight padding so that if you have a bit of un-eveness you can hide it and I need fuller coverage.
The suits from are the same as their regular ones but they have pockets, a bit of padding and are cut a bit higher under the arm pits. If you buy a tankini you have a choice of bottoms so you can be as brief as you would like.

landsend mastectomy suits

The other suit I really liked this summer is sunsets bandeau underwire--so cute -lots of colors and patterns and has this gathered twist in the front along with a touch of padding so ---Inequity is covered!

Cowl Necks---The draping is a huge help---It glosses over wonderfully.
cowl neck top
Splendid Drape Neck Thermal Top

Jones New York Collection Drape Neck TeeHere's a pink one-pink cowl --take a look.

A moto inspired drape front cardigan--moto jacket--See How it would cover?

The drape front open cardigan--another great way to hide, drape, gloss...
three dots cardigan
I also wore tanks under button downs and threw on a scarf. For anyone who has had any difficulty with their reconstruction--I'm raising my hand--these tips help---
The Scarf post was yesterdays post --check it out for more help and advice.