#31 Days of Pink!

Honestly the laces and accents are pink---on my way to the gym had to have some pink somewhere!
I have had several shoes with pink in these last few years. So I am starting early today with this pair. They are a pair I bought back in May and  losing their umph now.

It's important to find exercise you love to do and to do it!
For your heart for your lungs and for your brain and especially for your breasts! So I gym it three times a week with an amazing guy I forgo my Starbucks  and other things to pay. I also started taking tap because we survivors get bushed. I needed something to make me exercise without thinking so I started tap class. I have wanted to take tap forever.
If you want your own pink laces try these, laces for lana

During chemo I had a tapping dream, like the flying dreams we used to have as kids! It was amazing and I finally started to get there yesterday. I am getting faster--a goal because in the beginning it's actually harder to tap slowly so you want to get fast. You struggle too much with balance when you go slowly. like riding a bike or figure skating there is so much effort put into staying up.  I had taken a couple of lessons as a kid. I had danced in a charity show doing a tap number that was 20 minutes long and ended with a kickline like the Rocketts. But I hadn't taken official classes. Now I am learning names of steps and it is fun--and a tough workout. I am taking alone right now and so I don't stop for an hour except for a sip of water! My teacher is amazing, young and talented and so kind. So yesterday I put pink laces in my tap shoes and off I went! Now to add a yoga class! I need to find one on Thursdays! Yoga is another part of my life I usually do on my own but I want to find a class to go to now.