31 Days of pink --Talismans--Day 6

I don't think I have ever written everyday! So today rather than post a pink shirt or shoe or what have you I will post this picture...On the left is the Winston Churchill quote--it is engraved on a piece of stainless steel and my husband gave it to me. It sits on my desk and, despite the mess my desk can sometimes become, I can always find it. It is always looking at me.
On the right is a bowl that lives on my bathroom counter. It is made out of jasper and has in it several things which are touchstones. A piece of amethyst--one of my favorite stones and on that sits my pink ribbon--I don't always wear my ribbon, but I see it every morning where it reminds me of where I've been and where I am going. The Joy rock was given to me by Mary Ann Wasil, my dear friend who runs GIT. It is also the name of one of my dear, open minded friends and the name of Mariska's fundraiser for Joyful Heart. I am surrounded by Joy--a good place to live. There is a piece of shiny labradorite which I love but I can't wear since it really doesn't look good on this pale person. And a large piece of sea glass I picked up on a beach walk.
I find it interesting what I collect--I was always a rock hound...I would go on hikes with my family and come back with my pockets stuffed. I would spend hours in the La Plata River in Colorado and come back with my pockets stuffed. Honestly, what did my mother do with all those rocks? There is also one piece of shiny jasper  there as well because it was pretty.

Get out into the awe--it's a beautiful day.