31 Days of Pink--on the way to the airport--American Airlines--scarf

I couldn't write this before I got home--I couldn't because I didn't want to slip and publish it by mistake and ruin my surprise for my friend Mary Ann.

The scarf I am wearing is a gift. You see a week before my trip my friend Joy was traveling back from Chicago and all the flight attendants on her flight were wearing pink scarves or scarves with ribbons on them. She told her flight attendant that she had a friend who was a survivor and the flight attendant rushed off to bring her a scarf for me! I wore it proudly on my way to NYC also on American Airlines. It was so sweet of them both to give it to me.
 I can't quite believe this picture--It is really hard for me to do the selfie thing and I have to do it to shoot these pics!
I was so very excited to go on this trip--I couldn't have stood it if I had had to wait one more day to surprise Mary Ann!
When someone reaches through the fire to give you a hand to grab onto you are joined to them for life, my soul sister indeed. We reach through the fire to each other and pull each other out--for four years now she has been my rock...in cancer years it's a lifetime.