#31 Days of Pink--Kingfisher Road overland sheepskin company frye boots charming charlie scarf, Satya necklace and Joyful heart fearlessness necklace, cross laura M Ag Jeans and Velvet for Calypso top

I couldn't resist yesterday taking a snap on my way out the door at Kingfisher Road. I hesitate to talk about my obsession with this store as then all my friends will know where I go for gifts! Look at that rack...er...scarf rack! I see several scarves I would love to have. I think this is where my blue canoe came from which I wear all the time!

The jacket I bought years ago in a store in Durango called Overland Sheepskin Company--It is a distressed leather jean style jacket. The perfect weight for our fall weather which we are only having in the early morning drive to school hours and after the sun goes down. Honestly, I can't wait to wear sweaters again. The tee shirt is from  my favorite store--I go there to dream, it is a velvet for calypso shirt sometimes they have these insane sales where things go down to 70% off...I watch for those--get on the mailing list! linen tee shirt

My Frye short Veronicas, similar. Along with a pair of AG Jeans Tomboy similar  which just needed to be rolled in a 1950's James Dean way this morning. 

A combination of necklaces this morning. My cross I have had since 2001 and it's been on my neck almost non-stop since then. The Disk is one from Satya this one in New York, it is a lotus blossom with my birthstone, aquamarine, next to it. And then the ultimate gift--when I had my double mastectomy Mariska sent me this "fearlessness" necklace. I wore it and my cross through chemo and to all my endless dr appointments. 

The backyard

under our grandfather oak in our yard.