31 Days of Pink-- Green juice, green smoothies, canning, laces, old gringo and a walk in my Revlon Run walk survivor hat

My Revlon walk survivor hatRunwalk info --check in January on a hike in my neighborhood. This was early on a weekend and I just went. Usually I get stopped by any number of people, my kids, my dog but this day it was just me alone.

The laces for lana--https://co.clickandpledge.com/advanced/default.aspx?wid=68408 are in my  old gringo boots-I was teaching breast self exam at Marymount High School that day.

My first attempt at canning ever--my assistant was my youngest daughter who wants to be a chef and the Clemmies were off of our tree in the backyard, Clementine Jam with label kit from Meri Meri  from Sur Le Table

A green juice--usually some amount of kale or spinach, an apple, ginger, fennel,lemon

Wildwood Greens from Whole Foods

This is what usually happens to my name, even when I spell it! Look closely...This was yesterday's Wildwood Greens
My youngest getting in the pink with a strawberry smoothie she made. 
my dinner last night -- a green smoothie I made in my Vita Mix--best present ever from my husband!