31 Days of pink--Day 12--Breast Cancer Awareness--lots of pink Flowers etc. day 12

a walk through a garden of pink!
pink Hibiscus --great tea and my beagle loved to eat them.. When My oldest was in preschool a wonderful Brazilian woman showed me how to make a doll wearing a skirt from a hibiscus blossom.

Columbine-- state flower of Colorado, my second home. Usually in blue--My mother found them in pink and planted them outside her log cabin in Colorado.

First Prize--that's the name of it--comes as a climber and as a hybrid tea--The blossoms are as big as a salad plate. Mom has them growing up the chimney at home and along her back wall--spring is amazing at the L'Amour house. I have some too--this one is growing in my yard.

First prize as a bud.

Gerber daisies--how pink can you get--this and the next--market pictures I took at Whole Foods.

I have no idea--it was at the market too and pink!

Betty Boop--starts pink and then opens with yellow center an fades to white and red. Love this rose too.

How could I not--a picture from the @planetearth twitter