31 DAYS OF PINK Breast cancer awareness month...

 One thing I haven't done is a lot of pictures and fashion--really what girl can avoid fashion? One thing I have done every October since being diagnosed is to wear pink every day.

Now this can be as simple as just wearing my pink ribbon pin. Or as wild as those amazing pink Frye boots I bought years ago.
So I will post pictures each day(please let me remember to do it~!) and I will even give links to where to find some if not all of the items. I am really delving into this social media thing.

Today I am wearing a bracelet that is very very special--it's a one of a kind. My husband designed it for me after one of my many procedures after which I was given the ok--it was benign I said, "That is my favorite letter and number, b9!" So today it stares me right in the face! So I can never forget--I am cancer free and it's going to stay that way!

Today's outfit---mini check button down @banana republic last year, my bracelet-- designed by my husband and my chan luu for breastcancer.org from two years ago--


                                                                           chan luu for breast cancer .org-- more choices at nice prices.

mini check button down--more choices

I should mention my shoes--my brooks have pink accents...those will show up in another post.