31 days of pink breast cancer advocacy and my life--

Last June, two days before our trip to Ireland, I opened my front door to find my friend and her entire family dropping by. They live in New York and it was such a special moment I wondered if I could ever make someone feel as amazed and happy as I was at that moment.

A month later I hatched a plan...as a family my mother, my brother and I head to New York to meetings at Random House once a year. And it's traditionally been the first week in November. Tis year, with the graphic novel coming out, it was decided to go earlier to be there when Comic Con was on. That meant I would fly in on October 12 th and the Get in Touch main fundraiser was planned for the 13th this year. I decided to surprise Mary Ann Wasil at her event.

 Mary Ann has been my friend since 3 am on morning during my run of chemo. She has advised me, made me laugh and given me such hope and joy. I am blessed to have her in my life. She guided me as a cancer survivor and as a mom. She made me think and she made me rejoice. My greatest gift from this ridiculous illness is her.

Yesterday was bright and clear, beautiful crisp fall day and my mother and I and our friend Shriley Wershba took a car from the city to Milford, Ct. I love sending time with these two women. Shirley has all sorts of amazing stories about her career in the news business. She and her charming husband Joe were pivotal players on the Edward R Murrow show, See it Now and advisors to George Clooney on Good Night And Good Luck. They are portrayed in the movie. Both went on to produce 60 minutes including Joe producing the episode on Dad. Needless to say it was a wonderful time in the car. She always makes me think and she and her husband, from the day I met them in 1976 at 12 years old, treated me with respect and interest and as an equal intelligent person, not like a kid.  She is so special to me and I miss Joe who taught me Yiddish and many other things. Back then he helped me write a postcard to my boyfriend,when I was in high school, all in Yiddish. Great people, great sense of humor and great friends.

We arrived at a lovely country club in Milford with the leaves beginning to change and clouds scudding the sky. And I did surprise her! She was speechless which is a near impossibility for Mary Ann.  It was a lovely event, warm and positive. Everyone dressed in some amount of pink including Father Tom who wore a pink blazer over his collar. Gerrber daisies everywhere and daisy wheeks on the table. She asked me to speak for a minute and I did. We announced the future plan to have an event in southern  California.

When you go to an event that has been running for awhile it all seems so effortless. It is not! So I have my work cut out for me.

 I will be asking my readers and friends for help in the upcoming months.  Last night I started to organize my plan of action.

 First to write about who we wish to honor and then to go speak to a few companies who might want to underwrite the main expenses of the event.

Any of you with brilliant ideas, suggestions or offers of help or auction items can send me a message through this blog or twitter

I promise to post pictures when I get the official pics from yesterday as I took none!
Fashion post to follow when I see the pictures up on Facebook! Here is the link to the daisy wheel app