#31 days of pink and lots of Get In Touch pink shopping!!!

Today I am just putting up links for Get In Touch supporting items.. first and most importantly Daisy Wheels
 Please click on the words 
DAISY WHEELS and that will take you there. This is the interactive tool for the Get in Touch program which teaches breast self exam. Free to any school you can also purchase them. this is a fabulous way to learn how to do breast self exam for any gal grade 5 and up --including you moms out there who haven't ever been taught!

Aren't these cute? click on the words PINK LACES above and you will be taken to the page with more info.

honestly I have them in my Old Gringo lace ups and my tennies


This is the page for tee shirts --phone covers etc...The things are cute and there is lots to choose from.
cute tote!