#31 Days of Pink--and a big commitment!

pretty cake from googling " pink gerber daisy cake"
 Years ago I was part of an organization called SHARE--we had a large fundraiser each year which was a party with a stage show which the ladies of share also danced in.
I danced in three shows,  and one year I was sitting minding my own business at the monthly meeting when we got the news that  the lady who was doing the show quit. She was stressed with her family life and the event was two months away and she just couldn't do it...her family life got complicated so she needed time for herself. They asked for a volunteer and no one raised their hand.
     I heard one of the founding members say in a gruff voice, "I don't know why you're in SHARE if you never do anything." And slowly my hand went up.
I used to say the three great lies of SHARE were:

              It's the easiest job in SHARE.

             Your husband won't mind

 and, the biggest one,

             I'll help you.

But still my hand went up and suddenly I was the party chairman for the event. There was a separate show chairwoman for the show itself, but all of a sudden my job description went like this: Chairwoman in charge of the Boomtown Party--in charge of  valet parking, port a potties, gift bags, table decorations, food, cocktail hour, live auction, silent auction, raffle, room decor and security.

I discovered that in some ways I had the easiest job in SHARE. I answered only to the president, who that year was a lovely woman named Marilyn, and I worked with people we hired like the caterer and the valet parking guy. Because I took the job so late in the year all the decisions had been made so it was up to me to run the event and make sure the bag packing(we did it ourselves) and such went without a hitch. I changed a few things the second and third year I did it...maybe I only did it two years--it was a long time ago and my oldest was just over a year old.

Well, this time I jumped in with both feet to do the first ever Los Angeles  fundraising event for Get In Touch. I am moving along and magic is happening around us. Just keep the good juju coming universe because I'm not done asking yet! It will be an amazing day. We have our main honoree and one other fabulous honoree. We are working on our location, we have our date and I have an amazing co-chair.

I am respectful of the job before me, and it will mean so much to the future of Get in Touch to have a Los Angeles Event---I really need this foundation to continue its global reach teaching girls a simple thing that could save their lives.