31 Day Of Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness month day 9--Oxford shirt Old gringo boots and a levi jacket

Day 9 an oxford shirt a levi jacket and a pair of boots. The story of my life in three articles of clothing---
Today is a big day for me--Day 9--Oct 9 --Oct 9 2009 I became cancer free and was launched into a brand new part of my life. You should see my life line on my hand--it has a break in it about halfway through. I always wondered what it would signify...I guess this change. Where my life went crazy for a bit. Four years later I am finishing my book on my journey, my kids are terrific, my marriage is great and life is just plain good. I am lucky and I am grateful. I have God in my life and I am alive! Four years ago I wondered who I would be at this point. Would I be alive? Would I be strong? Would I be sickly? Both my kids have been sick with colds this week, the weather is wacky So Cal weather--90 during the day and windy and then cold at night. I did not get the cold! So healthy I am! I am feeling strong and energetic and all is write...oops! I mean...right with the world! Happy 4th birthday to me! 

So Today's post comes with a story attached...First about the oxford shirt--back in the early 80's they were all the rage. There was the preppy look going on and one day we had a meeting at my house for something for high school. One of the girls needed to borrow a shirt, can't remember why, she borrowed my pink oxford cloth shirt and instantly transformed it into something so special. She popped the collar and rolled the sleeves and looked like she had been styled professionally. It was a lesson in how to take something fairly non-descript and make it fabulous by how you wear it. I am still trying to catch up. This years version(got mine a year ago)
The jean jacket has a history too--I have had that jacket since I was about 16 but that's not the whole story--it started as my brother's jacket, then went to his friend Mike for a few years and then to me. It's Levi's and now about 38 years old with rips and tears and fading all from use not a machine.  similar girl version and the new version of the classic men's
And then the boots. Old Gringo. For anyone who knows them--we become obsessed don't we? They fit and for me that is tough--I wear an OG 11so I don't fit too many cowboy boots easily but I fit Old Gringo like they were made for me. I have slowly over about 10 years gathered a few pairs. They are expensive but I also hunt around til I find them on sale and then I pounce. Here in honor of the Pink month
#Old Gringo Pink

the main site is--oldgringodirect.com

but I find great prices on Amazon.com and  Allens boots and at River Trail Mercantile as well. The point is to wait until just the right price...These are investment boots.