There are,virtually, no pictures of me doing chemo

I thought about it after--I have video I shot the first day for the girls so they would see that I was just fine and not scared(I was but all those acting classes came in handy). Now --three years later--well, almost 4 years later the world is much more photographed than ever before--all of us shooting everything everywhere on our phones--our food our drinks our table settings our feet. Really everything is photographed right now.

So I have the pics I took with my phone and my husband's phone and our cameras at various times during my experience but nothing more. I didn't think about it to tell the truth---

I still want to gather gorgeous photos of women who have survived cancer and put them together for everyone to see--here's what a survivor looks like---  There are so many pics of gorgeous women with their bald heads and scars and I greatly respect the photographers and survivors who made those projects happen. I want mine to be different. What I wanted to see when I was in the midst--was pictures of woman who were through the tunnel...the ones back to their lives but just a bit different. The  ones who's hair was a bit short and the ones who looked a bit different if you checked their eyes but were having the time of their lives with their families and kids. Those are the ones I wanted to see. I looked at lists of celebrities and found encouragement there---Maggie Smith made one Harry Potter when she was going through it or just after finishing. Maura Tierney was on stage  with her short do about 6 months after chemo--or sooner --still can't imagine how she remembered her lines! But they did it.
I just want to help and encourage.