I never wanted to be high maintenance...

Growing up in the house of adventures, Sackett brothers and other assorted heroes, I always wanted to be one of those women who could pick a lock with a hairpin, hot wire a car in two minutes and escape from the bad guys by blowing something up using blush and mascara. I never wanted to be high maintenance. I wanted to be a man's woman, a dame. Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Rosalind Russell and Myrna Loy were my role models. I did pretty well. I learned not to wine at an early age due to much ribbing by my brother and my father, I fit in with the boys. I pushed myself to keep up by matching them stride for stride.

As I got older I learned to do my hair and makeup in 10 minutes though given the time I would take longer. I also perfected the art of doing my makeup without a mirror through many scenes in acting class where that was a great activity for my character. I still don't wear makeup every day. Cancer has pushed me to putting brow color on more often, sometimes when I am only wearing moisturizer and sunblock. I learned how to repair my car with a roll of duct tape on the side of the 10 freeway at 10 at night. I had curly hair so getting caught in the rain was never an issue for me.

Then I had my years of super high maintenace which has led to now, slightly less high m! Man oh man do I wish for the days when I could just run about without thought to the handful of vitamins I need to take  or needing bug spray more often than not.

More often, lately, my life has returned to somewhat normal. I refuse to use the term " new normal" it drives me crazy. It's either normal or it isn't! Like phantom pain...if you feel it-- it's pain no matter where it comes from!

So last weekend I had some friends over, ran to the chili cookoff so my youngest could work some service hours and had a relaxing sunday.

Last Thursday and next Thursday evenings are devoted to my two famous pals from West Hollywood Elementary. My mother went with me to Wy's concert and is going with me(or I with her as the case may be) to Mariska's event. I feel like I am living a normal life again. But then here comes October and so many reminders. I think I'll go make some bracelets--picked up an old hobby a few months back and I am enjoying being creative with my writing and other handiwork.